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The second piece of the "Women" collection. I created "Sophia" with intention and purpose for it to exude femininity, almost as if it is a wrapped present. At 24x24 inches, this mixed media piece is the perfect size for any wall. With its precision, it still embodies my personal love for abstract art and when things are little bit "less-perfect." The "Women" collection is one that is timeless and can adapt to any design. "Sophia" in particular can take on multiple meanings with its femininity combined with the perfect touch of abstraction.

As with the other "Women" collection pieces, this is hardwired with substantial wire to hold the weight of the piece. The mediums include plaster along with some artist mediums and recycled canvas. The color of the canvas is a neutral white, very similar to the actual color of white canvas, while the three dimensional piece is more of a raw canvas beige color.

Please note, due to the weight of these pieces and the precise way I have to package them, the shipping cost will be required from the buyer. Secondly, the pieces from this collection remain abstract, thus, there are visible brush strokes as well as raw seams. Please see close up photos for details. These pieces are non returnable and non refundable. "The Women Collection" is a true statement collection that adheres to my unique style as an artist. 


24x24 inch mixed media on canvas

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