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Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

Inspired by local architecture and nature, "Tunnel Vision" beautifully captures the balance between precision and roughness. Its unique perspective captivates viewers and enhances any living space.

My personal passion for art led to the creation of this painting, based on my own photography session outside of Boston. I oftentimes look for inspiration in old buildings filled with character. One walk outside can lead to a whole new perspective and endeavor. The roughness of graffiti combined with the realistic tones in the structure and wood creates this beautiful contrast. Utilizing natural elements, I combined them with realistic tones and structure, resulting in a beautiful piece of art that can suit many different decor styles.

Like all of my paintings, this ships free domestically and arrives ready to hang with attached wiring. Please note, this painting ships without the wall frame as shown in photos.

"Tunnel Vision"
16x20 inch oil on canvas

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